CUNTU starts its history since April 1929, when according to the Council decision working at the College of Agricultural Engineering, Zinov’yivskyi evening Institute of Agricultural Engineering was established. Library activities started from one book and only one employee. The name of the library has changed according to changes in the name of the institution.

The Institute worked for a long time since February 26, 1933 when the People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industry issued an order number 193 on the Elimination Zinov’yivskyi Institute of Agricultural Engineering.

Successors of Institute of Agricultural Engineering founded Zinov’yivskyi College of Agricultural Engineering. In those years the head of the Library became Alexander  Moiseyev.

Material and technical condition of the institution has improved considerably after the liquidation of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering and adoption of its ownership on the balance of college. Thus, in 1940 the library of Kirovohrad College was recognized as the best among the other colleges, subordinated to the Ministry.

In 1944, Kirovograd Agricultural Engineering college resumed activity, interrupted by the war. This event was preceded by enormous work of reconstruction material base of the institution. To ensure effective teaching work in college students and teachers were able to use the services of the library, work in the reading room. All funds remaining in college, and later partially been transferred to the Regional Scientific Library.

In the mid 50s there have been significant changes in the history of our institution due to the publication of the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR two orders of creation evening branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute in Kirovograd.

In autumn 1960, one opened a library book fund, which counted to 3760 copies. The library gradually increased. Moreover, in 1969 the library employed 14 librarians.

March 12, 1962 Minister of the USSR ordered the reorganization of the evening office in Kirovograd branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute. During all these years, the library was an integral part and an important part of providing teaching and research scientists, teachers and students.

The institution management always cared about increasing the number of educational, scientific and methodical literature, making the library fund replenished rapidly. If, during 1959, about 3815 titles were purchased, in 1962 this number totaled 7,943 positions. In addition, in early 1963 the library fund facility was 25,330 copies. Between 60-80 years, considerable attention was paid to the formation of the Library, improvement of reference system, modernization of logistics.

Those years material base was actively developing. During the ten years of the evening department and a branch of the state budget the purchase of educational and scientific literature reached 280 thousand rubles. Therefore, as of 01/01/1967. Library fund consisted of 77,866 copies, and in 1969 – 115,913 copies. In 2 years library had 87,840 pieces of educational and scientific literature, allowing fully meet the needs of students and teachers. During this period, the Institute issued 245 teaching materials and manuals and put 232 laboratory works on various subjects. The largest number of publications prepared by scientists of the department of foreign languages, technology, engineering, economics and organization of production. During the 1981-1982 academic year, the institute library has 380,400 volumes consisted of educational and scientific literature.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 14, 1998 the Institute received the status of a technical university, and the Order of the President of Ukraine on March 5, 2004 the University granted national status.

Library as an organic and integral part of CUNTU held together with the University a large and complex way, has made an important contribution to its development. As a result, the gradual development of a small CUNTU library has become one of the largest in the city. Libraries provided effective work thank to its dedicated employees, Nikolaenko D. P., Petrova O. V., Kitrar L. A., Kamardash V. M., Bovsunovska T. S., T. N. Averenkova.

Today, as part of the library operate such divisions: acquisition and processing of scientific literature; maintenance of the sectors (subscription of textbooks, subscription literature, reading rooms and general technical literature, reading rooms of sociopolitical and economic literature, periodicals reading room); information and bibliographic department.

Now the general library fund has over 400 thousand copies in Ukrainian, Russian and foreign languages.

The library had some scientific acquisition, based on the analysis of curricula, programs and research topics of each department. Thanks to the support of the leadership of the University Library annual fund replenished Ukrainian and foreign periodicals. But in addition to documents on traditional media fund replenished specialized electronic documents. Library database created and maintained full-text electronic books: “Electronic Resources”, “Media” and “Guidance”.

Automation of library processes received much attention, which is very important for the scientific activities promoted by the university. The total number of databases is 12. Along with traditional catalogs (alphabetical, systematic) we have the opportunity to work in an electronic library catalog containing more than 36,000 bibliographic records of books and records about 80,000 journal articles.

At the CUNTU library, we regularly host book exhibitions, open views of literature, bottom chairs, student’s scientific conferences and hold literary evenings devoted to the works of famous writers. The library publishes bibliographies series “Scientists of Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Kirovohrad”, concluding thematic bibliographies, bulletins of new receipts.

Using information technology, we introduce new forms of work, such as e-mail-marketing (mass e-mailing), hold virtual exhibitions, presentations of scientific papers faculty.