International relations

International relations

Department of International Relations in Central Ukrainian National Technical University, as a separate unit of the University was established in 2001. The department activity is aimed at further development and strengthening the university cooperation with international institutions and organizations.

The main areas of university activity:

  • Coordination of international activities of departments, faculties and other subdivisions of the university;
  • Development and implementation of international projects;
  • Working on the contracts with universities and companies abroad;
  • Promoting the programs of international teachers exchange, researchers and students;
  • Informing and advising;
  • Exchanging the delegations;
  • Advising to provide customs services;
  • Assisting in processing travel documents;
  • The organization of summer language courses;
  • Organization of summer practice of students abroad;
  • Performing other tasks related to the international activities of the university.

During the work of the  International Relations department CUNTU established contacts with hundred and twenty foreign organizations and signed cooperation agreements with universities of the EU countries: Technical University of Dresden, University training; German Agro-Technical School of Nienburg (all – Germany); Northwestern University of engineering mechanics and electricity (China); National institution of higher agronomic education of Dijon ENESAD (France); Agricultural Lyceum of Louis Pasteur (Clermont-Ferrand, France); Mining University of Leoben (Austria); Batumi State University named after Shota Rustaveli (Georgia); University of Informatics and Applied Knowledge (Lodz, Poland); University of Bialystok (Poland); “Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the NAS of Belarus” (Belarus); Central European University and others.

Today Central Ukrainian National Technical University maintains relations with 36-name foreign partners of 16 countries (Austria, China, Belarus, Great Britain, Denmark, Jordan, Moldova, Angola, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Nigeria, France, Georgia ).

Central Ukrainian National Technical University participates in many international programs and projects. Yes, CUNTU is part of the French-Ukrainian-Czech education consortium (six higher education institutions, including Higher National Agronomy school in Dijon (France), Czech University of Agriculture) and Ukrainian-French consortium (ten higher education institutions). Since March 2015 Central Ukrainian National Technical University is also a member of the University Network of the Black Sea. This was another step towards the integration of CUNTU to the single European educational space.

CNTU is also involved in students, teachers and researchers exchanging Erasmus, TEMPUS / TACIS programs in Europe.

The joint French-Ukrainian CUNTU Magistracy between the institution and Agro Sup Dijon (Institut National Superieurdes Sciences Agronomiques, del’Alimentationetdel’Environnement – Higher National Institute of Agricultural Science, Food and Environment), between the institution and CUNTU ParisTech (Institut desscienceset technologiesde Pari – Paris Institute of Technology) operating since 2006 and 2009 respectively.

Joint Master CUNTU-Agro Sup Dijon prepares Masters in the following areas: sustainable agriculture; agronomy and environmental protection; technical and economic management of the agricultural equipment. Joint Master CUNTU-ParisTech prepares masters in specialty industrial projects management of East-West.

Graduates receive a joint magistracy two diplomas: Ukrainian and French, as they continue their studies in foreign postgraduate theses to prepare under the dual leadership of the international-degree, which is recognized by both countries.

Within the German international direction Central Ukrainian National Technical University has experience working with organizations “German Agriculture and academy DEULA-Nienburg» and «Bavarian Peasant Union» (Bayerischen Bauernverband). University students are offered with training in agricultural and farming enterprises. These programs are supported by the Federal Ministry of Industry, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of the Federal Republic of Germany.

In the field of international activity in Central Ukrainian National Technical University operates Center of foreign nationals working language training courses for students of the faculty. Students have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of English, German, French and Polish.

CUNTU representatives regularly participate in international conferences and exhibitions abroad. Every year at the university at least five international scientific conferences, a number of major international forums, presentations are conducted. Each year the university receives more than 10 foreign experts, students and graduate students to participate in conferences, symposia, etc.

For success in international activities, Central Ukrainian National Technical University has repeatedly recognized as one of the best in Ukraine.