Today Central Ukrainian National Technical University is not only teaching, scientific activity, but student life. As they say, “who didn’t live in the dormitory, was not a student.” The University has on its balance 4 dormitories located in campus. The total number of places for students is 1705. Students live in rooms for two, three men under sanitary standards (6 m2 per 1 student).

In the dorms there are all conditions for students to feel like at home. Rooms are equipped with necessary furniture: beds, tables and chairs. Each dorm lobby is comfortable, cozy kitchen, sanitary facilities and rooms.

In the campus there are a dining room, a sanatorium, sports facilities and student disco. In the campus there is a local computer network with Internet access.

At the dormitory check-in on university administration with the student have an agreement with the right to stay in the hostel for the period of his training and it gives him a special order, which is the only reason for living in this residential location. In the order there is a dorm number and a room number.

Priority Seating is provided in the hostel of nonresident students who belong to the privileged categories (orphans, the disabled, students from large families and those who suffered most from the Chernobyl catastrophe 1 – 2 category), foreign students and student families. All other categories of students can get such seats in the dorms, but the priorities are given to students from poor families, state budget department and first year students.

The distribution of seats in the hostel campus is held by the Administration. It, along with the student council hostels and curators groups followed procedure in dormitories during the school year. On the each floor (block) a mayor is elected in charge of the procedure to maintain cleanliness and quietness.

Each dormitory has a student council, which is elected by the general meeting of residents of hostels for one year and directs the student masses into the mainstream active life. Student councils are made to attract broad asset to participate in educational, sports, cultural work and improve the living conditions of students in dormitories, as well as to protect the rights of students – hostel residents. Student council on its work report at the general meeting of residents of hostels.