2014 was the anniversary for Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Kropyvnytskyi (Kirovohrad). It was 85 years old.

The history of our Central Ukrainian National Technical University dates back to April 1929 when the city Zinoviev in conditions of accelerated industrialization, set up Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering. The Institute is located in the former Provincial secondary school. Now there is Central Ukrainian National Technical University.

Sergei Vorobyov Ignatievitch was appointed as the director of the newly created Institute. Institute trained engineering personnel for the production of agricultural machines specialties “casting”, “forging and stamping production”, “woodworking” and “machining”. On 1 December 1930 the institute enrolled 212 students. Another 246 students were preparing for the labor department. Educational process was provided by 30 teachers, among them 3 professors (S. G. Vorobyov, P. A. Ilyashevych, D. A. Tolchynskyi) and 18 associate professors. The Institute began training graduate students.

December 30, 1930 the first issue of engineers trained on the reduced program, taking into account previous training in colleges. Twenty-one graduates were awarded the engineering degree.

The Institute did not existed for a long time. February 26, 1933 the People’s Commissariat of Heavy Industry of the USSR ordered its liquidation. At that time the university has trained about 350 specialists. Among its graduates were V. I. Danilenko – Director of College of Agricultural Engineering, the first director of Kirovohrad evening office Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, Y. P. Kryuchkov – the director of the factory “Red Star”, M. D. Karmanov – Tractor Hydraulic plant manager and many other business executives.

A lot of the liquidated Institute students were transferred to the organized agricultural engineering college, which today is a subdivision of Central Ukrainian National Technical University.

Intensive development of agricultural engineering in the postwar years dictated the need for recovery of engineering training in our city. Repeatedly submitted a petition to the Central Committee and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR in Kirovograd need to open the university, focused on agricultural engineering.

In May 1956, under the orders from the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the USSR, on the basis of Kirovograd Agricultural Engineering College the evening department of the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute was organized. With the development of facilities and the creation of qualified scientific and pedagogical staff in 1962 evening Kirovograd, branch offices in Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute were reorganized with the organization of specialist training of full-time and evening-classes.

Regional and municipal government bodies, strongly contributed to the establishment of the institution. As a result of organizational work from June 9, 1967 by the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education Ukraine Kirovograd Institute of Agricultural Engineering was created which prepared for the national economy about 30 thousand specialists. Among the graduates of the Kirovograd Institute of Agricultural Engineering, there are famous leaders and organizers of production, government officials, developers of new technologies, inventors, scientists and others. Today, most of the Central Ukrainian National Technical University teachers are graduates from Kirovograd Institute of Agricultural Engineering. They are truly ardent patriots of their institution.

In recent years, the economic crisis of our university staff effectively worked on the deployment of new areas of training, implementation of new educational technologies, computerization of educational process and their training. All this contributed to the fact that the institution has achieved the highest accreditation (level IV).

The result of the effective team work of Kirovograd Institute of Agricultural Engineering was the reorganization of our school in Central Ukrainian National Technical University by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 12.14.1998 number 1972.

Given the national and international recognition of Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Kirovohrad, is the contribution to the development of National Education, the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, his Decree from 5 March 2004 gave the university the national status.

So here are names of the leaders who led step by step to the staff of the institution of the university: V. I. Danilenko, O. I. Baulin, V. M. Pestunov, V. A. Stepanov H. R. Nosov, V. R. Kucherenko, V. A. Kondratets, M. I. Chernovol.

Today our university is powerful educational and scientific center of Ukraine. It has well developed relationships with engineering plants of Ukraine and associations, enterprises of agriculture, transport, construction, electricity, financial and banking institutions and private firms, which trains different specialists. This will determine its graduate’s image of Ukraine in the future.

The university has extensive international links with universities and research centers in Russia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Cuba, France, England, Germany and others. Training is attracting representatives of US Peace Corps. Now the university has 95 students from 14 foreign countries, and the period of its existence has trained more than 550 experts to 65 countries.

In educational and professional activities, the university serves as the scientific – methodical center for agricultural engineering, energy, environment, automation, economics and others. As the only one in the area of higher education, which provides human resources industry in agriculture, the university performs and coordinates researches in the region, provides operational specialists training in the required field.