The Department was established in 2005. It started its work on the basis of one of the “oldest” professional universities – business economics and management of organizations and personnel management.

The training of future professionals in the sphere of economic activity is carried out in the following specialties:


6.020105 – Documentation and informational activities;

6.030503 – International Economics;

6.030504 – Economy enterprises;

6.030505 – Personnel management and labor economics;

6.030601 – Management (possible further profiling “Management”);

6.030601 – Management (possible further profiling “International Management”).

Much of the specialties are of the IV level of accreditation. Along with the form of stationary trains future professionals for part-time and reduced forms of training, retraining the second specialty.

The faculty has about 1000 students, including foreigners.


The Chairman heads the training of future specialists:

  • Labour Economics and Management;
  • International Economics;
  • Economics and organization of production;
  • Science and Documentation.

Highly qualified specialists provide teaching training courses, including 11 doctors, professors; 68 candidates of science, associate professors; 8 of them are full members and corresponding members of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine.

Through the organization of specialized classrooms, well equipped with computers, we provide  high level of teaching, providing students the necessary knowledge. Much attention is paid to teaching of applied mathematical sciences, foreign languages, and sciences specializations.