About university

About university

Welcome to Central Ukrainian National Technical University – one of the leading universities in Central Ukraine. In our university, you will be given the opportunity to receive higher education in the major specialties that are relevant in all industries of economy of Ukraine.

In Central Ukrainian National Technical University there are areas of study related to the engineering, electrification and mechanization of agriculture, agronomy, construction, transport, energy, computers, economics, taxation, banking and financial activities, food industry, processing of agricultural products.


The main fields of activities in our institution:

Higher education is organized in two levels-Bachelor and Master in the following fields:

  • agricultural engineering;
  • electrical engineering;
  • agriculture power engineering;
  • automation;
  • house-building and road-building;
  • welding engineering;
  • metal working;
  • programmed numerical control;
  • computer engineering.


Project proposal/description:

  • Development of the newest Master and PhD programs;
  • Development of the teaching materials for the newest Master and PhD program;
  • Implementation of the new curriculum for Master and PhD students;
  • The newest laboratory equipment supply at Ukrainian Universities-Partners;

Organization of training courses for young faculty members in Ukraine and Europe; Development of academic mobility in Ukraine and Europe.