Freshman Day and Day of Knowledge in CUNTU

Freshman Day and Day of Knowledge in CUNTU

On September at the Students’ Square near Central Ukrainian National Technical University, Kropyvnytskyi a traditional dedication to the students of the “newcomers” was held. This year’s guest of honor at a festive ceremony became a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Management CUNTU 2003- Ukraine Alexander Gorbunov.

Usually, early initiation of students in the area near the university raised the flags of Ukraine, and Kropyvnytskyi city. Honorable mission to raise flags performed Jaroslav Devout and Denis Kostyanetskiy.

Congratulating the students of the university, Rector of CUNTU Professor Michael Chernovola, first thanked freshmen and their parents on the choice of the institution during the admission campaign this year.

“Believe me a lot of my life experiences, you did the right thing, submitting to Kirovograd National Technical University, – said Mykhailo Chernovol. – If we analyze the biography of the most successful people of our region, you will find that most of them – are our graduates.

Traditionally, I wish freshmen three things. First, of course – health. Believe me, teaching – is no walk in the park, this is a very serious work, and in order to efficiently perform the work you must necessary to have health. Secondly, I wish you to have a desire to learn. It is very important. School gives you general knowledge, and the university gives you professional knowledge. So do not waste your time. The teaching staff of the university is always tuned to give you this knowledge. You are required only to want to gain knowledge. The third traditional wish – to be dedicated to the student life. Because the university – is not only lectures, seminars, laboratory, but also KVN, amateur sports clubs, college party, student, friendship, love students.”